The Legend “restaurant the best view of the Chiangmai city “

The restaurant is the Chiangmai city with a long history. The restaurant is decorated with Lanna culture is reflected above. A variety of food and beverages. Blend seamlessly with the natural landscape.

Palaadtawanron 2016

“Restaurants near Forest City The views of Chiang Mai ‘with the outstanding restaurants in the forest near the city. The journey is not very far from the downtown atmosphere surrounded by natural forests and gushing waterfalls provide a relaxed atmosphere during the day. Among the songs performed in a symphonic warm jolly evening. Deal of the view night city panorama. Make a special meal for your happiness upon the customer’s full visitor.

Palaadtawanron restaurant  2016 , under the direction of Mr. Chuchai Lerdpongadisorn ( Senator Gong) and the partners have to reinvent the Palaadtawanron restaurant. All food and beverage, whether it be food, Chinese food, Thailand various other countries. And the most delicious dishes There are meeting rooms and banquet facilities with private atmosphere. Offers great store by a team of Palaadtawanron 2016 to serve clients who visited the fullest.

Inviting atmosphere and savor a delicious meal every day …. Restaurant slopes Ron.

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